13 August 2020

It's great to see so many of you taking a summer break. Here are more snapshots of your adventures. Keep them coming!

2:00 Min

We asked you to give us a glimpse of your summer months. We’ve received some great photographs so far.

Keep sending them in to onebank@unicreditgroup.eu or post on social media with the hashtag #oneunicredit

Before sending your contribution, please read and sign our privacy notice pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 13 and 14 GDPR to give consent for the processing of your personal data. Your contribution and the privacy notice should be sent to onebank@unicredit.eu

Kim Steinsberger
Spela Lubej
Lorenzo Celant
Martina Kekez
Eva Kuricov
Barbara and Bernhard Widi
Barbara Calosso
Jovana Andjelkovic
Michael Ahrens