22 July 2020

UniCredit Bank Hungary celebrates its 30th anniversary with a storytelling campaign involving its people and sharing sustainability stories

2:00 min

UniCredit Bank Hungary turns 30 and now the time has come to celebrate this major milestone. Stories and facts show how behind a simple, pan-European bank there are valuable people, working hard every day and bringing inside our Group their commitments, values and passions.


“Let’s celebrate the past, make the future sustainable” is the vision we are embracing in our new storytelling campaign which will give us the chance to hear some of our long-standing customers’ stories. More specifically, they will tell us what sustainability means for them and how they apply it in their everyday operations and businesses.


Commenting on the campaign, Balázs Tóth – Chairman and CEO of UniCredit Bank Hungary – stated: “As a bank, we have always been committed to making the world a better and more sustainable place, and this is part of the Ethics and Respect principles we pursue. In Hungary we work hard to contribute to our communities and local clients, trying our best to ensure that our economies development is sustainable and people’s quality of life is enhanced.”


This campaign shows that Hungarian clients are on the front line with our bank to pursue this vision, and – as a Group – we are eager to hear about their achievements and projects in the past thirty years. Alongside them, we will find new ways to include sustainability in our daily activities in order to have a more responsible and positive impact on the environment we live in. 


Stay tuned, and don’t miss our new campaign! Together, we will always… Do the Right Thing!