02 July 2020

HVB CEO Michael Diederich uses digital tools to keep in touch with UniCredit employees in Germany

2:00 min

Finding effective ways to keep our team up-to-date in times of Covid-19 is a constant challenge. The HVB team has been busy exploring alternative ways to share information and stay connected remotely. As a result, HypoVereinsbank CEO Michael Diederich now records a regular podcast during which he is asked questions by a moderator. Questions are submitted by employees in advance by e-mail or via an on-line feedback form.


“Especially now that many of us are working remotely, it is important to stay up to date. Not all employees were able to join our bi-weekly calls or listen to the recording on the intranet, we decided to try something new” – says Michael.


Each podcast features interviews with HVB team members and external guests who engage in a lively discussion on the main topic of each call. Michael Diederich answers questions from HVB colleagues before the first guest – a customer, an external partner or an expert – to give new and valuable insights into the overall topic.


On the subject of the home office and the working world of the future, the special guest was Isabell Welpe, a professor of the Technical University of Munich who has written a book about new working environments and digital working methods.


“Today, almost every employee is technically capable of working from home. The extent to which this will make sense and be desirable for the employees and the bank in the future is currently being worked out” – she explained.


Later, the chairman of HVB’s Disabled Persons’ Association, Peter Alleraun, had contributed: “Digital working also offers many advantages for people with disabilities. Some colleagues were not so aware of this aspect before”


Another podcast was published shortly before the original date of the UniCredit Festival Night, in cooperation with the Bavarian State Opera. Opera singer Okka from the Damerau was invited to talk about her “new ways of working” and commented: “I knew that many people were taking part through the streaming and I could really sense that people were there but then again, not there at the same time. It was an amazing experience.”


Michael offers interesting connections to the bank and to current relevant topics, commenting on them from his own perspective and giving the floor to additional guests before concluding with highlights and main takeaways.


Commenting on this new initiative, Andrea Rexer, Head of Communications at HVB, said: “Our podcast focuses on relevance, dialogue and entertainment. In other words: what is important for our employees, what questions do they want to ask and how can we get the audience to stay tuned?”