04 June 2020

UniCredit Banka Slovenija employees, together with the UniCredit Foundation and the Bank have donated €60,000 to help families affected by the Coronavirus pandemic

2:00 min

UniCredit Banka Slovenija employee donations have helped purchase food for those families most affected by the Covid-19 crisis. The UniCredit Foundation added €10,000 to these personal donations and the Bank has contributed another €15,000. Together, they have supported the purchase of 933 food packages for families living in socially deprived circumstances.


The UniCredit Foundation also allocated €35,000 to support an empowerment programme for families in need designed by the Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste – Polje.


Marco Esposito, CEO of UniCredit Banka Slovenija commented “Aid at the right time is very important to prevent the worst. However, we also need a systematic approach to address the consequences of poverty.”


Anita Ogulin, president of the Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste – Polje, expressed her gratitude for the support: “Together with UniCredit, we have already helped many children and families from all over Slovenia in terms of equal opportunities. The support and involvement of all different members of society will continue to be extremely important.”