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Diversity and Inclusion

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Our approach

In today's global world, diversity is an opportunity to be embraced.


UniCredit, as a pan European winner, is enriched by its diverse workforce and is committed to creating an inclusive working environment where all talents, skills and experience are valued and different points of view are openly expressed.


A diversified workforce can bring together many different perspectives to foster innovation, leading to greater professional development opportunities. A diverse and inclusive organisation drives people engagement and better business outcomes.


In line with the Joint Declaration on "Equal Opportunities and Non Discrimination" (signed in 2009), UniCredit reiterates the strategic importance of creating a culture of inclusion, valuing differences at all levels of the organisation. In 2011, the Gender Balance Programme was launched. In 2013, the Group released a Global Equality Policy and related monitoring process, the Gender Balance Dashboard.


In 2018, a Diversity & Inclusion Committee was established to monitor the progress of these initiatives.



Respect and recognize equal opportunities to all employees through 2 pillars


*Demographic profile is the representation of males/females within grades across an organisation.








Gender Pay Gap Report


At UniCredit, gender balance is a priority.

Our ambition is to build a diverse and inclusive workplace reflecting our culture and society as a whole. We are focused on attracting, retaining and developing people with the talents, skills and experiences that help them and us succeed.


We support the publication of gender pay gaps

Gender pay gap legislation has the purpose of addressing the imbalance in earnings between men and women in the workplace and was introduced in Great Britain in 2017 (England, Wales and Scotland) for employers with more than 250 employees. Transparency is very important to us and we support the publication of gender pay gaps. We believe that it is a key step towards making improvements to close the gender pay gap.


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UniCredit joins Parks - Liberi e Uguali


UniCredit has joined "Parks - Liberi e Uguali" in Italy as part of the Bank's continued strong commitment to diversity and inclusion in line with UniCredit's belief that respect and strong ethics are crucial for guaranteeing business sustainability

"Parks - Liberi e Uguali" is a non-profit organisation whose members are exclusively employers, created with the aim of helping partner companies to understand and attain maximum business opportunities deriving from the development of strategies and good practices that respect diversity.


Paolo Cornetta, Head of Group Human Capital, commented: "UniCredit is committed to becoming one of the best employers in the European financial sector by creating a positive working environment based on respect - at both professional and personal levels. We are taking concrete actions towards this goal with a focus on diversity, inclusion and ethics, and recognise that gender identity and sexual orientation are an important part of this. Being a member of Parks further demonstrates our continued investment in ensuring ethical behaviours across the company in accordance with our values."


The membership reinforces the Global Framework Agreement recently signed with UNI Global Union on the 22nd of January focused on strengthening the dialogue on human rights and fundamental labour rights, and underlines the importance given by UniCredit to gender identity and sexual orientation in the workplace.

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Diversity and Inclusion week 2019

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