23 October 2020

#StoriesThatMatter was launched a few weeks ago on UniCredit’s LinkedIn. After the stop imposed by the pandemic, recruiting activities have finally started again. UniCredit is always seeking young, skilled professionals who can bring a fresh vision and new expertise

2:00 Min

The competitiveness of modern companies is based on their ability to respond and adapt to the environment’s internal and external changes, expanding knowledge, skills and capability in our workforce.

The new balance is centred on people. Products can be replicated, techniques can be copied but individuals are the distinctive element of every organisation, those that make the real difference.

#StoriesThatMatter is the story of our company, written and narrated by those who live it and run it every day.

Until December several employees will shoot a video-selfie which will be posted on LinkedIn and on UniCredit.eu every week. Through their words our new future colleagues will have insights about our working environment and the meaning of being part of One Team, One UniCredit.

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