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Stories that matter



Thanks to the active contribution of our people, representing different business areas, discover what working at UniCredit really means.


Through their words you will have insights about our current challenges and working environment.

Go deep into our values and motivation to reveal UniCredit as your valuable Employer.




Newest Stories

Inner Agility

"In this hybrid environment, it's important to invest time in nurturing our relations and improving team-building and productivity."

Responsible Conduct

"We are part of a bigger picture. Our decisions help our organisation as a whole, not just a part of it."

Bias for Excellence

"By getting simpler, people feel more motivated and buy more into the projects."

Customer Orientation

"Our job is to provide a satisfying experience to every customer".


Systematic Collaboration

"We are always ready to go the extra mile to help our bank and innovate."

Pragmatic Innovation

"Be creative, but don't forget to think strategically."



People Engagement

"Culture is not a top-down approach. Everybody contributes to it."

Achievement in Complexity

"There are two ways of managing a complex task: you can simply perform the task, or you can learn from it."

Meet some of our global colleagues to learn about who we are and what matters to us.

My job at UniCredit

"At UniCredit we are a large family, made of many different profiles,each with its own growth path.
Are you excited to discover yours?"


Be united by international diversity

"UniCredit allows me to work in an international environment every day. Multiculturalism pushes you to go beyond your limits and the way you see things.

Every voice, culture and perspective enriches our community: One Bank, One UniCredit.

Bring out the best from our people

"UniCredit continuously searches for ways to enforce a good work-life balance for its employees bringing benefits both to private and professional life". 

Empower our people to grow

"I have the opportunity to develop and grow thanks to the good feedback culture at UniCredit/ thanks to the company's good feedback culture".




Build our future together

"A collaborative success weights much more than a success that I've reached on my own."  Let's build our future together.



Experiences and achievements 

"Everybody's contribution including my own was crucial to bring the best solution to the client."




Nurture our talents 

"All my colleagues invested a lot of their time in explaining, teaching, and helping me whenever I was in need."



Skills and Competences

"The key competences to work in our bank are authenticity and willingness to learn".


Miths & Reality

"UniCredit has proven to be different from a stereotypical bank."















Did you know that UniCredit's mission is to support our clients and their business with innovative business initiatives, leveraging on cutting edge technology?


Do you want to be part of all of this? Thanks to direct words of our colleagues discover more about our opportunities to learn and grow and apply to our job offers.