UniCredit launches a new integrated service model, buddy R-Evolution, building on buddybank's esteemed digital presence to further elevate our client-centric approach in modern banking, combining cutting-edge technologies with the human experience. Our ambition is to offer a service that goes beyond pure digital banking!

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At UniCredit, innovation and customer-centricity are key pillars of our UniCredit Unlocked strategy and with e buddy R-Evolution, we are not merely unveiling an enhanced digital service, we are reaffirming our dedication to serving clients seamlessly across multiple channels.
Since its market debut in 2018, our digital service model has witnessed substantial growth, serving over 410,000 customers, predominantly from the younger generation. Now we make a step further.


Starting from the first quarter of 2024, we want to provide our customers with a service that goes beyond pure digital banking. We will offer an "ON DEMAND" banking: the customer chooses where, how and when he or she wants to be served, whether by chatting with an operator or by remote consulting or in-home visits, ensuring an uninterrupted relationship. Maintaining the centrality of the chat service, Buddy will evolve its digital branch into a true remote branch, capable of supporting customers in all their needs, ensuring that the digital experience is complemented by the human touch necessary to make it unique, with the same level of service. A complementary model, not an alternative to traditional branches, that will serve as a digital extension of UniCredit branches: one bank regardless of the model chosen by the customer (physical branch or remote branch with extended hours).


Indeed, the proven expertise of colleagues from the digital branch will evolve with a genuine remote advisory service available not only for the remote branch’s customers but for all our clients, even during extended hours. The model will then also be enriched with proximity services – also “at home”, in order to enable our customers to make an appointment with our financial agents and real estate agents located throughout the territory.

As a bank, we are committed to putting our clients at the centre of all we do. This means we need to serve them in the way that is best for them – whatever that means. We listened to what our clients were asking for: they wanted a combination of digital support and in-person, human engagement with our teams on the ground. They wanted choice and flexibility. They wanted a better way of banking. This is what inspired the creation of buddy R-Evolution. It responds to those client requests, providing them with a better way of banking that empowers them in their daily financial management.
buddy R-Evolution’s journey is not over, and we will continue to iterate as our clients’ request, but this launch is important evidence of our commitment to working with our clients and giving them what they want. Putting our clients truly at the centre of how we do business and a commitment to delivering a digital transformation are core pillars of UniCredit Unlocked. buddy R-Evolution is a tangible demonstration of us delivering both.


Andrea Orcel, Head of UniCredit Italy and Group CEO

Another key element is the extension of products and services range maximizing the synergy between UniCredit and buddy: accounts, cards, financing, investments and insurance will be available to all customers.


Buddy has the ambition to become an ecosystem of services, where our client is at the center. First and foremost, that of real estate, in addition to partnerships conducted with market-leading companies and startups that will ensure exclusive and innovative previews and products. This model is constantly evolving and will be enriched over time bringing new things for all our clients.


The new digital service model is more than a technological enhancement; it embodies UniCredit's enduring pledge to adapt, evolve, and cater to customers.