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08 April 2022 Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting

  • 08

April 2022

Shareholders' Meeting without physical attendance

UniCredit- in accordance with the provisions of Article 106 of Law Decree no. 18/2020 converted into Law no. 27/2020 ("Decree") and amended by Law Decree no. 228/2021 - has decided to make use of the right to provide that the Shareholders' attendance at the Shareholders' Meeting shall be made exclusively through the Company-Designated Proxy Holder pursuant to Article 135-undecies of Legislative Decree no. 58/98, without physical participation by the shareholders.


The information to participate by proxy is available on this web page, in the below section "Voting Proxies".

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The Shareholders' Meeting was held in Milan in both Ordinary and Extraordinary session on 8 April 2022 in a single call.


The Shareholders' Meeting documentation is available on this section; moreover, general information on the process is available on the Shareholders page, in the "Shareholders' Meeting" section.



Notice of call

Shareholders' Meeting Documentation



1. Approval of the 2021 financial statements


2. Allocation of the net profit of the year 2021


3. Elimination of negative reserves for components not subject to change by means of their definitive coverage


4. Authorisation to purchase treasury shares aimed at remunerating the shareholders. Consequent and inherent resolutions


5. Appointment of the Board of Statutory Auditors and of the substitute Statutory Auditors


6. Determination of the remuneration due to the Board of Statutory Auditors


7. 2022 Group Remuneration Policy


8. Remuneration Report


9. 2022 Group Incentive System


10. Amendment to Group incentive systems based on financial instruments. Consequent and inherent resolutions




1. Amendments to clause 6 of the Articles of Association. Consequent and inherent resolutions 


2. Amendments to clauses 20, 29 and 30 of the Articles of Association


3. Cancellation of treasury shares with no reduction of share capital; consequent amendment to clause 5 of the Articles of Association. Consequent and inherent resolutions


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