If you want people engaged from the start, make sure you touch their hearts while onboarding,” explains Curtis Odom, a management expert. Here are three ways to embrace new hires.

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The first day means investing in quality bonding time with the team, management and the company. A new workplace can be disorienting, and providing insights into the “ins and outs” of the office environment will help new hires feel more comfortable opening up and asking questions. Run through a general plan for the first week and month, as this will help direct them on the right path and dodge future misalignment. Here are 8 fun and exciting ideas to onboard new employees.


Recent research suggests that up to 20% of new hires leave within the first 45 days of being on the job. Allow our new colleagues the opportunity to adjust to the role by providing a clear understanding of the company culture and scope of work. Build stimulating experiences that illustrate how each team functions, how colleagues interact with one another, and how to express their ideas or concerns along the way. Defining desired behaviours shows how each person can be part of the bigger purpose.


Ideally, our work environment should feel like a community. Managers and team members are responsible for getting to know new hires on a meaningful level and including them in group activities. This means finding out their work preferences and motivational triggers to help them thrive in the firm. Leaders should also check in on new employees frequently to ensure that they adjust well, promptly addressing any frustrations when challenges arise. For more tips on dealing with work hurdles, here 3 proven methods to transform stress into strength.