18 March 2021

In today’s hyperconnected world, and as the boundaries of home and work blur, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed...

2:00 Min

...Studies show, however, that certain dosages of stress may actually enhance our behavioural and cognitive performance. Here are three expert tips to strategically use stress to our advantage.

Get to know your own patterns

Managing stress starts with self-awareness. We all have different triggers and responses. Some people may become aggressive towards others, while others withdraw from their surroundings. Learn to identify your triggers by asking reflective questions, such as “How often do I feel well rested?” or “What are the biggest sources of tension in my life?” Research suggests that the more we learn about our triggers, the better we will be able to regulate our responses.

Carve out “deep focus” moments

The biggest mistake when dealing with work overload and stress is to juggle multiple things at once. Neuroscience claims that no one can successfully multitask, as our brains are wired to focus on one thing at a time. Pick out an important task you need to achieve and block out time frames to hunker down and concentrate. Find a deep focus strategy that best suits your goals to optimise your output-input ratios.

Make room for recovery

Every high-intensity phase should be followed by a resting period. Use these moments to prioritise your health and wellbeing, and to nurture your relationships. Start by adding multiple micro-breaks to your routine and dedicating space for regular exercise. Pay attention to your diet and sleep, as well as other self-care activities you can do from home today. Don’t forget to keep work time and relax periods separate, creating seamless transitions between each phase.