The term “presenteeism” means less about being physically present in the office and more about nurturing a meaningful connection to our work. This helps remove capacity barriers to restore our purpose and build stronger workplace communities. Here are three insights to increase our awareness in a “phygital” (physical-digital) environment.


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Start with realistic expectations

Start with realistic expectations

We must first be comfortable with the fact that working at 100% productivity at all times is humanly impossible. Such expectations can backfire and cause more harm than good.

“Setting overly ambitious goals can have a negative impact on employee morale,” explains Naveen Bhateja of Medidata Solutions. “A bottom-up approach involving [people] from across the organisation can help define attainable goals that everyone can get behind.” Find out here why we set unrealistic goals in the first place.

Recognise distractions

From unproductive meetings to social media updates, interruptions come in every size and shape. Recent research demonstrates that excessive distraction through mobile phone use can be considered an addiction, implicating detrimental consequences to our health. To avoid such diversions, take regular breaks to increase productivity, which will allow you to recharge and approach work with fresh eyes. Here are 3 proven techniques to trigger more “AHA” moments.

Sidestep analysis-paralysis

Decision fatigue is a real challenge in a hybrid world. We spend much time studying data, and we rarely feel confident about taking the next step. It’s essential to acknowledge the cycles of indecision and break the pattern. Begin by setting a timer for each decision and “team up with peers and mentors that can help you stay focused on the impact of your decision,” explains Lillit Cholakian of NewGen Global Leaders. Learn 6 simple steps to stop overthinking and be more present at work today.