To respond to the shifting environment, businesses worldwide have transformed their strategies. Employees and leaders alike have embraced different ways of working by acquiring new knowledge and skills to survive in the uncertainty. Within this context, we’ve assembled the top three articles to elevate your professional competitiveness to thrive in tomorrow’s more digital and agile workplaces.

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High integrity teams = better performance

“Integrity isn’t the sort of asset you would claim on your resume,” explains Vicky Oliver, an award-winning author on career development, “but it is a highly sought-after quality.” The attribute represents a behavioural system to protect us from ethical lapses and energises everyone to act on the right values. Leadership experts agree that two pillars often drive integrity in organisations: ownership and accountability.


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The Pareto principle for daily success

Established by the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, the 80/20 rule hypothesises that 80% of our outcomes (outputs) stem from 20% of causes (inputs). Adopting this mindset in business helps us identify strategies and opportunities to benefit the company and develop our career growth. The approach allows us to quickly recognise that we can delegate more decision-making authority to empower others.


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The power of authenticity

Being yourself is the best way to cultivate meaningful connections with others, which are crucial to enabling professional growth regardless of your field of work. Research suggests that those with a robust social network display better quality output, higher job satisfaction and even live longer.


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