Being yourself is the best way to form meaningful connections with others, which are crucial to cultivating success and professional growth regardless of your field of work. Research suggests that those with a robust social network show better job performance, higher fulfilment, and even live longer. To learn more, here are three hidden benefits to being boldly and uncompromisingly YOU!

2:00 min

Greater psychological safety

An environment where everyone acts as the authentic version of themselves enhances social comfort and boosts inter-team trust. This fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance, reducing the pressure to conform to a collective identity and allows each member to voice their ideas without risk of penalty or humiliation. Check out this 5-step tutorial to create a culture that extends psychological safety beyond the work setting to include broader aspects of your team’s experiences.

More meaningful relationships

Authenticity is a two-way street. An organisation only reaps the benefits of deeper connections when all parties present their real thoughts and beliefs at every company level. Strong bonds can act as support systems that make our day-to-day work more engaging and worthwhile. This can encourage colleagues to take greater ownership of their work and promote a genuine feedback culture, building a healthy and rewarding environment. Here’s how to strike a balance between accountability and empathy in our hybrid landscape.

Better personal development

We cannot leverage the benefits of receiving feedback if the advice itself is based on false or misleading interpretations of who we are. “Staying true to ourselves isn’t always the easiest, most comfortable option,” explains Rebecca Newton, an organisational psychologist, “but in the long run it’s personally and professionally worth it.” Here are 3 tips from behavioural experts to champion authentic self-expression within your teams today.