The start of the workweek can be challenging. A recent survey showed that 62% of 1,000 full-time employees ranked Monday as “their most dreaded workday.” Here are three practical tips to beat the blues and start fresh every week.

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Recover on the weekend

Saturday and Sunday are opportunities to recharge and reset. We can use this time wisely to recuperate our energy and refocus on our physical and mental health. To avoid the “Sunday scaries,” behavioural experts recommend carving out time to do something you love. “Whether it's shopping at a farmer's market or reading or even binge-watching something trashy,” says Minda Zetlin, co-author of The Geek Gap, “you have to keep yourself well cared for.” Here are 3 minor tweaks to make the most out of each weekend.

Limit digital devices

Inundated with technology throughout the workweek, experts suggest switching off the phone and computer on Saturday and Sunday to concentrate on other activities. “As long as you take a couple of minutes to tune into your senses,” explains clinical psychologist Matt Scult, “those peaceful, pleasant sensations can boost your mood” for an invigorated Monday. Follow these 5 ideas to strike a healthy balance between work and personal time in the digital age. 

Choose gratitude over grumbling

Appreciating our colleagues, leaders and mentors elevates our well-being to start the week on the right foot. Behavioural scientist David DeSteno explains that when people feel grateful, “they’re willing to devote more effort to help others, be loyal even at a cost to themselves, and split profits equally rather than take more money for themselves.” Here are 3 tips for rediscovering joy and gratitude in the workplace today.