After living with sustained stress and uncertainty in a pandemic era, how do we revive contentment and gratitude in our daily work? Although we all have experienced Covid-19 differently, research suggests that we can experience both joy and struggle at the same time to find meaning during challenging moments. Here are three ways to renew that hope.

2:10 min

Lean into your strengths

Take a moment to reflect on your career and identify moments where you felt the most energised and determined at work. What were you doing? Write those instances down and take note of the skills, talent and traits that pop up multiple times. “Once you are clear about your strengths, consider ways to build them into your day,” encourages Rebecca Newton, PhD, an organisational psychologist. For example, if you enjoy coming up with new ideas, discover ways to make space for such opportunities.

Appreciate those “behind-the-scenes”

In every work setting, some colleagues enjoy the limelight, while others propel the business forward with little recognition. Take the time to acknowledge and thank those around you who seldomly receive credit or praise for their work. This will set in motion exemplary deeds to shift your attitude towards gratitude and boost team morale. Here are 3 reasons why you should start writing “Thank You” notes to your colleagues today.

Rebuild work relationships

We all experienced social isolation throughout the pandemic. Amplified by the new working landscape, our struggles continue as we try to navigate and cultivate relationships within hybrid structures. As rediscovering joy and contentment is a shared or “affiliative” phenomenon, experts recommend taking the time to reach out to those we’ve lost touch with and rebuild professional bonds. Follow these 3 tips to pursue meaningful and lasting connections at work today.