We want employers to notice our hard work. Standing out requires commitment, self-confidence and a collaborative attitude. Let’s incorporate these three practices into our daily mantra for career success.

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Go beyond expectations

The first step is to demonstrate that we have what it takes to rise to the challenge and deliver excellent results. This means proving that you can take on great responsibility with the right skills and attitude. Each time we go the extra mile, we show our managers that we own our actions and are fearless in stepping outside our comfort zones. However, setting the bar too high may backfire and lead to unrealistic expectations. Avoid falling into the perfectionist trap by following these 3 practical tips.

Be an influencer

Helping others succeed is the best demonstration of knowledge and leadership you can show your organisation. This means being the “go-to” person for advice when people need help. It also means not staying quiet in meetings and offering ideas and suggestions for improvement. Richard Burton, UniCredit’s Head of Client Solutions, agrees that leading by example requires “courage and the confidence to speak your view, speak your mind, and share your ambition – all while proposing solutions to action them.” Not sure where to start? Dive into the three hidden benefits of being authentic at work to add value to our teams today.

Wave the banner

Civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “a genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a moulder of consensus.”  This means living and breathing the organisation’s mission and vision by aligning our values with the firm’s core ambitions. The more we approach our work with enthusiasm and optimism, the more others will notice and recognise our efforts. Here are 10 expert tips to stand out and draw positive attention from your firm’s senior leaders.