The transition from “vacation mode” to “work mode” can be challenging for all. Here’s how to shift your focus and get back on track with work.

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Build in transition time

Instead of jumping into a rigorous routine, avoid the vacation blues by returning home a few days early. This will buffer in time to slowly ease back into your daily schedule. Before the first workday, redirect your attention towards your purpose and career goals. “I regain focus after the holidays by thinking about why am I here and what is the mission that I’m trying to accomplish?” explains Chantelle Fitzgerald, a leadership coach. “[It] always helps [to] think about the impact I’m going to make on individuals and around the world. Let’s do this!”

Plan your first week in advance

Staying organised is the first rule to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the avalanche of work that awaits you. Write down a list with the important tasks you need to accomplish. “Handle emergencies first,” explains Lynn Taylor, a workplace expert. “Decide what's most important to your job, your boss and your project list. Look at the big picture, not what comes to you sequentially,” she advises. Learn the 5 golden rules of prioritising tasks today.

Check-in with your colleagues

Now that you’re back, connect with your team and exchange experiences to re-build connections. Touch base with your manager and update everyone on the projects you are working on. Additionally, “take the time to connect with one or two clients to let them know you're back if they need anything,” explains Michael Kerr, author of Humor at Work. “It's a simple customer service touchpoint that can make a big impression.” Head to our “Summer Blues” article to browse the amazing summer photographs from our colleagues around the Group.