When a company undergoes a digital transformation, the focus on its talent pool is just as important as its ability to accelerate technology adoption. At the core, the shift is about enhancing the way people work in the organisation so that they can thrive and move the business forward. Here are three key talent areas needed to support and accelerate this change.

2:00 min

Great communicators

Any transformation requires a values-based explanation and buy-in from all stakeholders. This sets the stage for communicators to articulate the balance of innovation and investment, as well as demonstrate the risks and rewards. Additionally, the changes (and the pace of changes) require clear and creative messaging to inform everyone where the company is headed and how each person can contribute towards that greater purpose. Here are simple but effective tips to sharpen your communication skills today.

Data stewards

The technical approach of extracting and interpreting data is one aspect, but strategically leveraging the acquired data to add meaningful value is a different skill altogether. In a digital transformation, understanding a firm's overall focus, knowing its weak points, locating its synergies, and recognising its future desired positioning can help leverage data more purposefully. Here are a few beginner tricks on how to use your skills to strategise data today. Also, don’t miss our Data Analytics and ESG talk as we explore how data can drive UniCredit’s sustainability commitments into the future.

Change agents

To carry out significant transformations, team members who advocate change can help drive the initiative forward. This effort requires leadership, teamwork, courage and high emotional intelligence to execute an organisation’s plans. To help fuel progress, learn the four barriers that prevent successful digital transformations and discover ways to overcome them.