13 April 2021

The Finance & Controls division in UniCredit has launched a new series of virtual events. During the first one, Roberta Marracino and Marco Bressan explored the connection between sustainability and data analytics and answered our colleagues’ questions.

2:00 Min

On the 8th of April, more than 400 colleagues from different teams and countries joined the first event of our new "Let's Talk F&C" format, a series of virtual town halls launched by UniCredit’s Finance & Controls division. During next months, this recurrent meeting will delve into the operations carried out by specific F&C functions as well as their impact on our Group, fostering direct interactions between colleagues and leaders.


Last Thursday’s episode was called “The future starts here” and explored the relationship between data analytics and UniCredit’s commitment to sustainability. Wouter Devriendt, Head of Finance & Controls, facilitated a dynamic and fast-paced conversation with Roberta Marracino, Head of Group ESG Strategy & Impact Banking, and Marco Bressan, Group Data & Analytics Officer, who discussed about the importance of leveraging on accurate information and appropriate indicators to reach our ESG targets.

Just like many other sectors, the banking industry is perceiving the increasing importance of ESG topics in our lives and businesses: they are not just a temporary trend, but critical issues which are here to stay. That is why UniCredit is putting in great efforts to hold them into consideration when designing new strategies, taking investment decisions, and making financing choices.


For instance, thanks to our Social Impact Banking programme, we granted 225 million euros in loans, positively affecting over 4,300 beneficiaries. We also issued 23.7 billion euros in bonds for our customers and allocated a great amount of resources to ESG-related initiatives.


Data is (and will keep) playing a key role in this responsible transition. As a matter of fact, UniCredit has designed an ESG monitoring plan which leverages on a set of measurable KPIs, progress indicators, and several dashboards and reports. By adopting such data-driven approach, we can thoroughly supervise the development of our initiatives and constantly improve our ESG strategy.


The second part of the event was dedicated to a Q&A session where colleagues had the chance to ask their questions to the speakers, who provided punctual information and interesting food for thought. 

Finally, watch below the video to have a glimpse of the highlights of the event, and get ready for the next one. Together, we will always… Do the right thing!