A holistic guide to exemplary leadership attitudes and expertise in our unprecedented times.

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From future sought-after skills to hybrid-work management advice, we’ve put together a list of our most-read articles to offer you a powerful and practical map to leadership.

Tackling hybrid

When our teams are not located in the same space, leaders are more likely to check-in too frequently and interrupt workflows. To walk the fine line between providing support and unwanted help, experts suggest “stepping in” at the right time, clarifying your role as a supporter (not a critic), and aligning yourself with the team to understand the complexity of the challenges. Read our article here to find out more.

Future skills

Organisations today are transforming themselves to be the leaders of tomorrow. In this evolution, experts forecast three leadership skills that will be in high demand for the future: system thinking (identifying synergies in a complex system), intellectual humility (listening to others and changing decisions based on new information), and servanthood leadership (willingness to break down hierarchy and outdated thinking). To learn more on how to build these skills, visit our article here.

Failing smart (part 1)

As we step into an unknown future, the need to be equipped for failure is greater than ever before. To transform mistakes into learning opportunities, experts advise to acknowledge the error when it happens by accepting responsibility, take one (or two) steps back to reflect on what transpired, and approach failure like an experimenter, always testing the hypothesis based on sound reasoning, assumptions and data. Follow this link to learn more on how to turn your work failures into success.

Failing smart (part 2)

The key to transforming mistakes is to consistently cultivate a fail-safe culture regardless of the number of breakthroughs. Three of the world’s great leaders attribute many of their successes to repeated failures. Elon Musk urges us to stay focused on the journey ahead, Bill Gates reminds us that failing is learning, and Oprah Winfrey advises us to act with boldness and remain resilient throughout the process. To discover more on how they overcame their failures, browse our article here.

Re-energise to thrive

The summer holidays are a welcomed relief for many of us. In this time, let’s not forget that the battle against mental and physical exhaustion is an ongoing challenge. To combat pandemic fatigue in the workplace, experts suggest distinguishing between urgent vs important tasks for better workflows, demonstrating compassion in our everyday interactions, and building team resilience through bounded optimism. Check out our article here to discover how to lead teams when everyone is exhausted.