01 April 2021

A year is a long time to be working in emergency mode. And with no clear end in sight, the initial adrenalin rush gradually descends into mental and physical exhaustion. If you and your team are experiencing “pandemic fatigue” you are not alone, try these three tips to re-energise your workplace and boost mental stamina.

2:00 Min

Distinguish between urgency and importance

When we are in emergency mode there is a tendency to focus on matters that require immediate action. Longer-term decisions take a back seat, either postponed for the post-COVID era or pushed off the agenda completely. However, experts agree that forgetting about long-term goals can backfire, leading to missed opportunities and slumped growth. To fight procrastination try asking your colleagues if they are ready for the post-COVID economy. What ideas do they have to win back lost business and customers? How do they prioritise urgency over importance in their day to day and what impact is it having? Here are 4 ways to leverage goals to energise your teams today.


Show compassion

Many people are struggling with loneliness and rising mental health issues, so prioritising the wellbeing of their employees is key. This means demonstrating empathy, normalising vulnerability, and taking advantage of the firm’s available resources. Studies show that cultivating compassion during a crisis lowers stress levels and helps teams achieve their goals. Here are 3 steps to build a culture of connection in the digital age. 


Build resilience

According to the global consulting firm McKinsey, leaders who act with bounded optimism can balance inspiration and hope with a realistic framework that resonates with their teams.  By arming ourselves with a resilient approach, setbacks become temporary speedbumps, and challenges morph into essential components of growth. “Managing your own mind and deciding to take charge of your destiny (and helping others do the same) is where you find mental strength for the last mile,” explains psychologist Dr. Wedell-Wedellsborg.