Over the past few months, we've taken and given expert advice, exploring old and new theories to discover how to foster a better work environment and succeed. Let's revisit the experts' advice together and treasure it!

2:00 min

Today's ever-changing world of work can be complicated and stressful. A more positive attitude towards change and some expert advice can turn around a bad day, improve a hostile work environment or even give our career a boost.


A famous movie of the past, "The Secret of My Success", told how one could get ahead quickly in the 1980s in the Big Apple: probably in today's working world the secret is not only one, and certainly it's not enough to be young and up-and-coming to get a managerial position. On the contrary, this year we have learned together that soft skills are fundamental to build a healthy, dynamic, and efficient working environment.


In fact, in the recent months we've read about how the right attitude, creative thinking and a good dose of resilience can do wonders. Let's take advantage of the summer serenity to brush up on some best practices, so we can get back to work, after the summer, with the wind in our sails!



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