04 February 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has shown that personal and professional growth go hand-in-hand. Recent research reveals that positive attitudes in working environments are a source of competitive advantage. Here are three ways to keep both happiness and productivity levels high during the working day.

2:00 Min

1. Embrace the power of breaks

Dr. Sandra Chapman, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Texas, says that our brains can become addicted to productivity “just as it can to more familiar sources of addiction, such as drugs, gambling, eating or shopping.” It’s essential to let go of harmful work habits, such as the “no time to waste” mentality, and take five minutes at least five times a day to give our brains a rest. “Turn off your technology and go outside,” explains Dr. Chapman, as significant and innovative ideas are formed during daydreams.

2. Avoid sacrificing connections

Our brains thrive on fun, laughter, and meaningful relationships with the people around us. Protecting and valuing these connections can make you happier, as well as improve your output, according to psychology professor Ho Kwan Cheung of the University of Albany. Our new blended workstyles of remote and in-person settings make meaningful social interactions and relationships more crucial than ever.

3. Beware of the signs

Workplace burnouts occur as a consequence of severe stress and can disrupt personal happiness and professional performance. If you are always rushing through meals or feeling disconnected during family time, it’s time to revisit your work habits and make changes. Recognising the signs and taking proactive measures helps keep burnouts at bay will bring long-term rewards for your career and home life.