15 April 2021

From accomplished CEOs to championship athletes, discover three morning routines from the world’s greatest front-runners that will set you up for a successful day ahead.


2:00 Min

Visualise your day

Optimistically picturing key events of our day, such as closing an important deal, delivering a challenging presentation, or finishing a lengthy project, helps stimulate our cognitive activity and adds determination to the task at hand. Research shows that Olympic athletes who deploy mental training by visualising the gold medal are more successful than their peers who focused solely on physical activity. Instead of stressing over your to-do list, imagine a day where you exceed expectations and excel in your work.


Devote time to wellness

Unless we prioritise our physical and mental wellbeing, our strength and motivation will fizzle out and be replaced with constant fatigue and stress. A survey of top executives showed that 75 per cent of respondents attributed “an uncompromising attitude about fitness and exercise” as one of the main components to their success. Find a fitness buddy to hold you accountable, or try one of our Workouts You Can Do in Under 10-Minutes to develop consistency in your training.

Be kind

Routines rooted in kindness are remarkably powerful to shift our moods from negative to positive for a fruitful day ahead. “If everyone in the workplace is equal and treated with dignity, they work with a little extra passion, a little extra dedication”, says Arthur Demoulas, CEO of Market Basket. Actions such as taking the time to enjoy breakfast with the family, saying good morning to our colleagues, and wishing others a good day is an excellent start. Discover our article on the compounding benefits of writing thank you notes to friends and colleagues today.