07 April 2021

If you’re struggling to find the time (and motivation) to exercise, we’ve got a few tricks to get you back on track. Studies show that quick, high-intensity sessions may be just as beneficial as longer workouts. Here are three short and beginner-friendly home circuits to get you started!


2:00 Min

To burn calories

Heart-pounding cardio is the best way to torch those extra calories in a short time. Throw on comfortable clothes, clear a bit of space on the floor, and get ready to sweat with this 10-minute HIIT sequence. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a technique that alternates short bursts of maximum-effort exercises with periods of rest and recovery. In only four moves and with no equipment needed, you’ll hit all your major muscle groups and boost your calorie-burning potential.


To build muscle

While aerobic exercises maintain healthy muscles, building new muscle mass requires resistance training like squats for legs and weightlifting for the upper body. On a molecular level, these activities tear muscular tissue, when the tissues fuse back together, they grow stronger bonds. Therefore, when you first start out, it’s important to begin with low weights and gradually increase the load to avoid injuries. Follow this expert guide to optimise your at-home training by choosing the right weight to meet your goals.

To increase stamina

Whether your goal is to burn calories or build muscle, increasing endurance is crucial. A stronger core means more power, agility, and stability all of which help with building endurance and lower the likelihood of injuries. Let’s get our abs in top shape with these 7-minute fitness routines recommended by professional trainers. Alternatively, try this total-body workout challenge to increase your overall stamina even on the busiest days.