The experience of IIS Leon Battista Alberti in Abano Terme

2:00 Min

The video, dedicated to the path on Study and Work Orientation, was realized thanks to the contribution of the students of the last year of the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Leon Battista Alberti of Abano Terme who, despite the difficulties linked  to the pandemic and in compliance with the rules on social distancing, made themselves available to tell their experience in Startup Your Life.


Barbara Valentini, professor of Business Administration at the Institute, who participated in Startup Your Life as a tutor, also contributed to the making of the film and stated: "Schools need a project like Startup Your Life, because schools cannot miss the opportunity to participate in such valuable training projects, which are essential for learning in non-formal contexts and for the development of the skills of our students.”

Startup Your Life is an innovative and free training program that supports students' active and responsible citizenship for the development of sustainable and inclusive economic models. The training offer is divided into three paths: Financial Education, Entrepreneurial Education and Orientation to study and work. Each path includes a part of teaching and an experiential activity through project work.


Training is provided on a digital platform with the tutoring of experts, volunteers from UniCredit and UniGens, a voluntary association which welcomes both colleagues and former colleagues of UniCredit.


Specifically, the course of study and work orientation is dedicated to students of the fifth year of high school who are preparing to conclude their cycle of studies in secondary school to undertake new paths of study or work.


During the training program, also thanks to the presence of the direct testimony of experts in the field, students faced some issues linked to study orientation trying to understand if and which criteria to adopt to choose their academic path and what are the most useful skills to be developed to better face the University. But also what are the tools to present on the job market, how to write a resumé that enhances skills and expertise, the importance of personal branding for access to the labor market and finally what are the most effective channels for job search.



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