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UniCredit joined Competitive Inclusiveness, a conference dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion and the competitive advantages these generate for companies that apply such principles and policies. Our bank is proud of its more than a decade-long commitment to championing DE&I as a business imperative, fully integrated into our Culture, Values, and ESG framework.

2:00 min

On 5 June, for the second year in a row, EDI-Eccellenze d’Impresa and MIT Sloan Management Review - Italy gathered the leading market experts and companies pioneering corporate cultures based on diversity and inclusion to discuss how D&I can enhance business performance and help build the best places to work for employees. The event took place in Milan, hosted by Borsa Italiana (the Italian Stock Exchange). 


A key takeaway from the first edition was that the immense impact and value derived from embracing diversity and inclusion principles is indisputable, for people, for business and for the communities in which a company operates. Findings in fact report that inclusive companies produce as much as 23% higher revenues than non-inclusive ones (Source: Diversity Foundation & Focus Management). In this respect, the focus of this year’s conference was to discover how to effectively implement D&I within an organisation, thanks to testimonials from several large companies, including UniCredit. 


On this occasion, Siobhán McDonagh, Head of Group People & Culture at UniCredit, shared some of the lessons learnt from UniCredit’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) roadmap within the financial industry, emphasising the link to our Group's social commitments, and the importance of staying future-focused on this topic, addressing the challenges of intersectionality and emerging technologies.

“We have long recognised the importance of an equitable and diverse environment as one of the key drivers of innovation, development, and success. The banking industry is a key enabler of change – and UniCredit is playing a valuable role in improving the lives of people across the continent, united behind the vision of being a catalyst for a better future and empowering our communities to progress.

Over the years, we have built a strong DE&I governance, empowered by shared Culture, policies, and guidance, as well as a passionate Group-wide DE&I network, fostering a psychologically safe, positive, and inclusive working environment that supports our UniCredit Unlocked Strategy. In addition, we continue to empower our people, embedding our corporate Values of Integrity, Ownership and Caring, as well as well-being principles in everything we do, throughout the entire employee life-cycle.

Siobhán McDonagh, Head of Group People & Culture at UniCredit

UniCredit’s DE&I framework is based on 4 Pillars: People, Culture, Innovative solutions, Clients and Communities with a defined set of clear ambitions embracing a 360 approach to promote gender parity, ensure equal pay for equal work, increase cultural and ethnic diversity, boost work-life balance, well-being and a flexible working model, as well as leveraging our diverse workforce to reflect client needs, enhance digital and physical accessibility, and ensure that the suppliers and partners we work with also embrace our DE&I principles.


Discover more about our commitment to DE&I.


Browse through the pictures below to go over key milestones in our DE&I roadmap