Our Bank is launching the next tranche of "UniCredit per l’Italia", a powerful initiative designed to support the disposable income of individuals and households and the liquidity of Italian businesses. With measures ranging from flexible mortgage options to financial bonuses, we aim to contribute to Italy’s growth during these challenging times.

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At UniCredit, our people and clients are at the heart of everything we do, and we believe in standing at their side during these challenging times. That is why we are launching a new edition of “UniCredit per l’Italia” to empower individuals, families, and businesses, with a total commitment of €10 billion.


Let’s explore the key measures that form the foundation of the initiative.

Empowering individuals and families

As part of our commitment to assisting individuals and households, we have implemented concrete actions for a total of €4 billion that include:

Flexible mortgage repayment. We are offering the opportunity to reschedule mortgages at zero cost, allowing our clients to suspend the repayment of the principal amount for 12 months or reduce the amount of each installment by extending the maturity date by up to a maximum of 4 years. There is no fee associated with either option. Upon customer's request, and after credit evaluation, the Bank reserves the right to extend the term of the loan even beyond the 4 years extension.

Purchase and utility instalments. As a UniCredit Flexia cardholder with an equivalent Economic Situation Indicator ("ISEE") of less than €25,000, it is now possible to request a zero-interest instalment settlement - from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 20 months - to ease financial commitments until December 31, 2023.

Newborn bonus. We offer a €500 bonus to customers who obtain a personal loan for new births of at least €10,000, upon presentation of the birth certificate for babies born since January 1, 2023.

Empowering businesses


To assist local businesses' growth and development, we have introduced targeted measures for a total of €6 billion, including:

Financing for the tourism sector, Made in Italy and SEZs. We have allocated a significant amount, totalling €6 billion in new loans, to support businesses in the tourism sector, those representing Made in Italy excellence and those operating in Italy's Special Economic Zones (SEZs). To facilitate investments with longer returns, we also offer a pre-amortisation period of up to 36 months during which only the interest portion can be repaid.


Easing loan capital share. Our Bank has implemented a moratorium until the end of the year on the capital share of outstanding medium- and long-term loans for companies that have not yet benefited from public guarantees.



Zero POS fees for merchants. We are cancelling POS fees for merchants with a turnover lower than €1 million for transactions carried out at physical points of sale with amounts lower than €10.

"Italian families and businesses have shown extraordinary resilience and adaptability in the face of significant macro-economic pressures, including rising rates and high inflation. These impressive individual reactions have enabled Italy's collective response to be stronger-than-expected, and the economic situation in recent months has been better than we might have feared. As UniCredit has always done, it is our role to support our customers and communities even during the most difficult times. We will continue to offer concrete help to families, communities and businesses so that they can accelerate their individual paths to growth and our collective path to success."


Andrea Orcel, CEO of UniCredit and Head of UniCredit Italy

"With this second tranche of 'UniCredit per l'Italia' we are reiterating our commitment to be on the side of all customers. We continue to support individuals, households and businesses to enable a more flexible management of their financial commitments, helping them to better address daily priorities, while also making available new resources for investments. In this way, we want to strengthen the foundations to guarantee the country sustainable growth that benefits all territories."


Remo Taricani, Deputy Head of UniCredit Italy

And there's more! Alongside all these measures, we are also resuming our tax credit purchases related to the superbonus and other building bonuses. This presents a significant opportunity for businesses, artisans, and professionals who have accrued tax credits against invoice discounts for expenses incurred in 2022 to mobilize these credits, obtaining the liquidity they need to continue their business.


With "UniCredit per l'Italia", we continue our journey towards building a better future for our people, our clients, and our communities.




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