Our second annual Culture Day gathered 30,000 people across all our markets both online and in person, for a fully-immersive two-day event spread across a number of Group and local formats. The event was a key moment to reflect on the importance of our guiding behaviours and Values and their immediate impact on our business and our employees.

2:00 min

One year after setting the foundation for our UniCredit Culture, we continue to be guided by our Values of Integrity, Ownership and Caring and celebrate our Culture transformation across all levels of the organisation. Today, we are a different and better bank – a more solid, more resilient Group, united behind one common goal to be a driver of social progress and empower our communities to progress. 


Hosted by UniCredit’s Head of Group Culture, Nikolina Zečić, the virtual Group event format kicked-off on June 14 with an added twist this year – starting off in the Metaverse environment, giving a flavour to all our colleagues of UniCredit’s virtual reality and reflections on our amazing Culture achievements we witnessed across the first year of our Culture journey and agenda.  


In the dedicated session, our Group CEO and Head of Italy, Andrea Orcel, tackled the importance of our guiding behaviours and Values and their immediate impact on our business and our employees. Reflecting on our next step of the transformation. Andrea emphasized the importance of working collaboratively across all markets and countries, breaking silos and truly embracing the energy of one team.


These messages were further reinforced during the panel discussion with Siobhán McDonagh, Head of Group People & Culture, Teodora Petkova, Head of Eastern Europe and Remo Taricani, Deputy Head of Italy at UniCredit, who translated it into their respective field of business.

Following internal insights, we welcomed special guest and award-winning author, Matthew Syed, who touched on the topic of cultural change and what it takes to successfully grow into one team. Matthew deep dived into the concept and importance of having a 'growth mindset'.

Following the Group-wide event, the next day on June 15 was fully dedicated to local events as colleagues across all our markets visited thematic corners, hosted workshops and interactive panel discussions all while enjoying photo booths and other inspiring activities with fellow colleagues - marking yet another unforgettable experience for UniCredit!  


Take a look at the photos below to explore all the Culture Day activities taking place across our countries!