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At UniCredit, we explore bold, innovative ideas, delivering products and solutions that enable people to live more successful and fulfilling lives. Our ambition is to be the Bank for Europe's future - and we look for people who are willing to walk with us in this direction. 


Unlock a Better Tomorrow


With UniCredit, future candidates can unlock their fullest potential. We strive to attract and retain individuals who embody our Values of Integrity, Ownership and Caring and will become active contributors to achieving our Purpose of Empowering Communities to Progress.

At UniCredit we are...

Accelerators of ambition


Our Group has created a new blueprint for banking.


We are focused on keeping our clients at the centre and unlocking the potential of our people as individuals and as professionals.


We are a better bank, delivering better outcomes for our stakeholders.


Collectively, we are building the bank for Europe's future.

Champions of diversity


We are fostering an inclusive environment that has no ceiling, with no limit to how high and far our team can go.


As a Group, we provide a diverse and dynamic international experience that only a pan-European bank like UniCredit has to offer.

Challenge seekers and changemakers


Our team is comprised of talented, dedicated, and open-minded individuals who challenge the status quo - delivering digital innovation that inspires, pushing boundaries, and striving to set a new benchmark for banking.


There is no telling what we might do next.

Drivers of sustainable change


Sustainability is in our DNA.


We are rebuilding our societies and economies for the better and keeping ESG at the forefront.


We care about creating a cleaner, greener future for our people, our communities, and Europe's next generation.


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