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UniCredit Direct Services GmbH

Sede/Direzione Generale
Heinrich-Wieland-Straße 170
81735 München
Telefono: +49 (0)89 55877-0
fax: +49 (0)89 55877-6494
La tua e-mail UniCredit:
Informazioni sulla società
Type: Representative office
Informazioni sulla società

Categoria di Business: Non Core

In its role as Customer Care Center, HVB Direkt fosters customer relationships on behalf of its clients (HVB Group and external market), supplying both sales and services all-in-one. The Customer Care Center carries out customers' orders through a variety of channels, such as telephone, fax, e-mail and/or internet/direct banking. Consulting and training services are also available. Most customers are engaged in the financial services sector, but also include the IT and media sectors. HVB Direkt intends to offer its services on a European scale to all members of the HVB Group by the year 2004, as well as to establish a firm footing among non-group customers. HVB Direkt already successfully carries out over 5 million orders for customers per year (figure for 2001).