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"Youth Autonomy Program 2" - "Children at the Center" - SOS Children's Villages - € 50,000

“Youth Autonomy Program 2” - “Children at the Center” - SOS Children’s Villages - € 50,000

The UniCredit Foundation continues its support for the "Youth Autonomy Program 2 - Youth Mentorship" and "Children at the Center" initiatives by SOS Children's Villages




In 2020, the UniCredit Foundation decided to renew its partnership with the SOS Children's Villages organization, contributing to the "Youth Autonomy Program 2 - Youth Mentorship", which is part of the 2030 strategy and takes its inspiration from the United Nations Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children. Moreover, it is part of the wider European work on quality in care (Quality4Children) and, in particular, is a direct expression of the standard that specifies: "The child or young person must be continuously prepared for independent living".

The aim is to accompany young people leaving residential accommodation in SOS Villages, through a personalized socio-educational and career guidance project, aimed at providing autonomy and social integration, through the acquisition of new specific skills and strengthening the personal abilities and self-esteem of each young person. The project is aimed at 51 young people (aged between 15 and 18) hosted at SOS Villages in Ostuni (7), Saronno (4), Trento (21), Rome (3) and Vicenza (16).
The project provides for reinforcement of the educational and vocational pathway through two key figures, the educator and mentor, who accompany the young person in discovering their talents, working on skills and building a support network in the community.
The "Children at the Center" project has the twofold aim of supporting children and young people in dealing with their educational commitments in a qualified manner on the one hand and, on the other, developing their relational skills and positive self-awareness through activities such as theater, at the SOS Village in Ostuni, and external building activities, at the SOS Village in Rome. The project targets 66 children hosted at the SOS Villages in Ostuni (45) and Rome (21). The project envisages reinforcing the school curriculum by focusing on the personal and growth needs of each individual child, encouraging education and training to the same level as that of their peers, while also creating opportunities for socializing, to improve the relational skills of hosted children.



The Partner - SOS Children's Village

Founded in Austria in 1949 as "SOS-Kinderdorf", SOS Children's Villages International is an organization committed to supporting children without family care or at risk of losing it. It welcomes children by providing education, medical care and protection in emergency situations, and works with families in serious situations of distress, so that they remain together.
Today it is present in135 countries around the world. In Italy, "SOS Villaggi" is a member of the national Observatory for childhood and adolescence and operates over 50 years through 6 SOS Villages in Trento, Ostuni, Vicenza, Saronno, Rome and Mantua. It is involved in a Family Foster Care Programme in Turin and a Psycho-social Support Programme for unaccompanied minors in Calabria.