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"Haters and Little Heroes", Saying no to online hate - € 20,000

“Haters and Little Heroes”, Saying no to online hate - € 20,000

The UniCredit Foundation supports the Postal Police and the R. Rossellini Cinematography and Television Institute's initiative against online hate




"Why do they hate him?" This is a question that Giovanni Catoia asked himself many times since his son Valerio, a paralympic athlete with Down syndrome, saved a 10-year-old girl from drowning in the Sea of Sabaudia and then became the target of a group of haters on Facebook.


When he knew someone needed his help, Valerio didn't hesitate even a second and for that he was awarded the title of Alfiere d'Italia (Ensign of Italy) by President Mattarella. Francesco Totti wanted to meet him and gave him his jersey.

But this was too much for some people, who began to vent their hate online. When his father contacted the two administrators of the social media group to try to understand why, he was also attacked.


At this point he had no other option but to report the matter to the police. The Postal Police launched an investigation and as it often happens, a bleak picture emerged.
Today, the Internet allows opinions, offensive and multimedia content to spread at rapid speed, and it is very difficult to remove them. Unfortunately, there have been tragedies that remind us of this every day, but some people forget too quickly or do not think about the consequences of their actions.

While, on the one hand, non-stop investigations are undertaken to combat crime, on the other hand intense education and awareness activities for children are carried out, involving especially their families and schools. The UniCredit Foundation firmly believes in this work and has decided to support numerous projects. One of these is a
project to make a docufilm about Valerio Catoia's experience. It will be made by the Roberto Rossellini Institute of Cinematography and, therefore, by those who were Valerio's peers at the time the incident took place.




The Partner - Roberto Rossellini Institute


For more than 50 years, the Roberto Rossellini Institute of State Higher Education has been the main training center for technical staff in the audiovisual and mass communication sector. Its purpose is to train professionals for technical jobs in the film, television and photography sectors. The School, founded in 1961 as a Professional Institute for Scientific and Educational Cinematography, after some changes in 1969 became the State Institute for Cinematography and Television. Since 1970, it has been based in the former Ponti-De Laurentiis Film Establishment, where many movies that are part of the Italian cinema history were made, and is split into two locations.