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The Foundation's mission is predominantly aimed at achieving trhee strategic results


The first result is the ability to generate significant social impact through the creation of real benefits for our communities. For the Foundation, achieving this result involves a commitment to continuously validating the effects generated by its initiatives. In doing so, UniCredit Foundation will continually improve its ability to generate positive social value and check the positive effects in all areas where it operates.


The second result is the ability to obtain recognisable and distinctive positioning, made possible by the size of its operations and all the synergies achieved.

Only by achieving this, can UniCredit Foundation attract interest and resources and improve its ability to operate effectively in its field. Only through recognisability and distinctiveness is the Foundation guaranteed the possibility of being reached by a larger number of projects and requests for collaboration and, consequently, is able to focus more on initiatives with higher value.


The third result is the ability to develop a long-term strategic path to support UniCredit Group's strategy.

The goal of creating value with continuity over time is a necessary premise to guarantee a constant flow of positive effects that are easy to communicate, through selected interventions, to all communities that benefit from its actions. The ability to guarantee the continuity of its actions allows UniCredit Foundation to play a "coordinated" role with the "founding" bank which, from autumn 2017, with the launch of the Social Impact Banking is committed to providing support to the communities where it operates. This support is provided through a thorough review of its operations by concretely and actively assisting the growth of their


The foundation:


1. pursues social and humanitarian objectives by operating in the following sectors: care, health, environment, training and education;


2. promotes and supports studies aimed at deepening knowledge of economic, financial, legal, political and social disciplines; awards prizes, scholarships and research grants, proposes and supports university initiatives.