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Organisational structure

Our organisation reflects an organisational and business model which maintains a divisional structure for the government of the Commercial Banking Western Europe and Commercial Banking Central Eastern Europe as well as Corporate Investment Banking business/products, as well as a global control through the COO Area and Finance and Controls Area, while ensuring the autonomy of the Countries/ Banks on specific activities, in order to guarantee increased proximity to the client and faster decision processes.



  • The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) maintains a direct supervision on the definition of Group Strategy, Risks Compliance, Human Resources, on the optimization of structure costs and on the main operating activities.
  • Commercial Banking Western Europe and Commercial Banking Central Eastern Europe - both positions covered by two Co-Heads respectively appointed (co-CEOs) - responsible for all the business activities, focusing on the ongoing development of client services, aiming at maximizing the cross selling, for the respective perimeter of competence.
  • Head of Finance and Controls is in charge of coordinating comprehensive process of planning, finance and administration, managing identity and communication activities, developing relationships with institutional counterparties, managing the relationships with the European Banking Supervisory Authorities (e.g. EBA, ECB) and Bank of Italy, as well as credit granting activities.
  • The Chief Operating Office, position covered by two COOs, is responsible for the oversight of the operating machine with a specific focus on costs and on IT & Operations development, for the change in the Group operating model, for the costs reduction, for digital processes and procedures transformation in coherence with the defined Group strategies, by ensuring at the same time synergies, savings and operational excellence, together with the supervision of strategic planning and the rationalization of the IT developing program.
  • The Corporate & Investment Banking Division (CIB), position covered by CEO CIB, has a coverage role for the multinational clients ("Multinational"), for selected "Large corporate" clients with a strong potential demand for investment banking products, for the Financial Institutions (FIG) and for the global product lines "Global Transaction Banking (GTB)", "Financing & Advisory (F&A)",  "Markets", and for the international network.
  • As far as the Italian perimeter is concerned, the co-CEO Italy, directly reporting to the co-CEOs Commercial Banking Western Europe, are responsible for the definition of the business strategies of the "commercial banking"  and the assignment of such strategies to the territories and to the client segments (Family, First, Business First, Corporate, Private Banking).
  • The functions called Competence Lines (Planning, Finance & Administration, Risk Management, Legal, Compliance, Internal Audit, Human Capital, Lending, Identity & Communications) oversee the guidance, coordination and control of UniCredit's activities and manage the related risks.

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Updated on 21 September 2020.