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Art and music

The Istanbul Modern art museum in Karakoy, Istanbul, Turkey.


UniCredit has a long tradition of supporting culture, including art and music, as a way to promote social and economic growth, as well as generate a dialogue on innovation, fostering social cohesiveness and a sense of belonging. We actively support our local communities through relevant cultural initiatives, including select partnerships and sponsorships.


UniCredit's artworks - ongoing transformation
Our artworks comprise approximately 60,000 pieces, mainly concentrated in Austria, Germany and Italy. Most of the artworks are located in Milan, Munich, Rome and Vienna (some works are on loan).

The works owned by UniCredit include masterpieces of classic, XIX century, modern, impressionist and contemporary art as well as more than 4,000 historical and contemporary photographs.


UniCredit has appointed Christie's to manage the sale of a selection of its artworks to promote young and contemporary artists through specific initiatives, actively adding value to our local communities. We see this as "old masters supporting young masters". Please refer to the Christie's corporate website for more details



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Partnerships in the Field of Visual Arts



Partnerships in the Field of Music

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Historical Buildings

Our artistic patrimony also includes buildings that display the history of the banks that joined together to form UniCredit and the local communities we serve.

These historic structures are opened to the public during the annual Italian Banking Association's Invito a Palazzo event.


More detailed descriptions are available for each building.



Vienna - Palazzo di Schottentort, sede della Direzione Generale di Bank Austria
Schottengasse 6-8







L'imponente edificio, chiamato "il Palazzo di Schottentort", venne eretto nel cuore del distretto finanziario viennese, già quartiere generale della "Wiener Bank - Verein". Ospita oggi una fililale di Bank Austria.


Il Palazzo, costruito tra il 1910 e il 1912 dai due architetti Ernst von Gotthilf - Miskolczy e Alexander Neumann, raccoglie in sé una perfetta combinazione tra elementi della cosiddetta Secessione Viennese e forme della tradizione classica.