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Culture and society

Talent, experience and success

UniCredit is proud to support emerging and established musicians and artists, as well as sports and physical activity. Because they bring people together, we believe culture and athletics are critical to the sustainable economic and social development of their communities and territories, inspiring people to be more creative, optimistic and open to things new.


Social inclusion

We are committed to reaching out to the most disadvantaged in our communities, and provide services and support every day in an effort to help them change their circumstances. Working at both the global and local levels, we:


Sustain nonprofit organizations that mobilize volunteers and resources, integrate services offered by public authorities and address social welfare issues.


Promote cultural development by supporting young students and researchers and sustaining all forms of artistic and musical expression.


Promote sport and physical activity at all levels, in the knowledge that these pursuits allow people to exchange experience and create relationships, stimulates the development of an increasingly inclusive society.


Respond to emergencies by the putting the skill sets and infrastructure of our bank at the service of devastated communities.




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Art and music



Society and communities

Updated on January 20, 2016.