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UniCredit is proud to support arts and culture in its various forms as an engine of social, economic and sustainable development in line with the needs of our communities and territories.



We have a long tradition in supporting culture, given the strong bond between cultural and economic investment, sustainability, and social inclusion. Culture contributes to sustainable development in a decisive way by fostering a sense of belonging and promoting shared knowledge and common dialogue.


We are committed to culture both globally and locally through selected partnerships, sponsorships and specific projects that allow an increasingly wider audience to enjoy and experience culture as a way to build and strengthen social well-being within the community.


We support non-profit organisations that mobilise volunteers and resources through research and solidarity initiatives with the aim to respond to social welfare needs by adding to the existing public offer while also promoting dedicated relevant fundraising activities.


We promote cultural development by involving the new generations in specific projects dedicated to students and researchers.


We endorse sport and physical activity as vehicles of inclusion and tools for psychophysical well-being and prevention with a fundamental social role in education and training especially for the new generations, allowing the development of skills and abilities essential for the balanced growth of each individual.


We react to emergencies by putting our bank's skills and infrastructure at the service of our communities.



Drawing of the UniCredit tower

UniCredit has a long tradition of supporting culture, including art and music, as a way to promote social and economic growth, as well as generate a dialogue on innovation, fostering social cohesiveness and a sense of belonging.

We actively support our local communities through relevant cultural initiatives, including select partnerships and sponsorships.


Our historical buildings


Our artistic heritage also consists of prestigious historic buildings. Buildings representative of our history and our territories, which have come to us thanks to the care over the years, the recovery and enhancement of the legacy of the past and of the cultural heritage.



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