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UniCredit Unlocked is our new strategic plan. It is a plan to unlock the potential within UniCredit to move out of a period of retrenchment and restructuring into an era of purpose, growth and value creation. This is how we will create the bank of Europe's future - a bank that delivers for all stakeholders and is capable of unlocking the potential of people, businesses and communities across Europe and empowering them to progress. 

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Our purpose

UniCredit exists to empower communities to progress. To deliver for all our stakeholders across Europe and unlock the potential within each individual and community it serves.

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Our business

To deliver our ambitious plan, our 13 banks across Europe will work in partnership, leveraging the strength of the collective, with a new capital light business model.

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Our clients

Moving into a period of growth and value creation means keeping our focus on the people we exist to serve: our clients, spread across the communities of Europe. We will stand by them and deliver for them by ensuring we understand them, and the expectations they have of us.

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Our future: Digital & Data

Over the long-term, we want to become a truly digital bank, powered by data in all we do. To deliver this ambition, we are investing close to €3 billion in digital and data over the next three years

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Our future: ESG

We have an innate commitment to sustainability. We believe in action, not words, and will hold ourselves to the same standards that we seek from our clients. 

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Our financial plan

Our strategic plan for UniCredit is about building a bank that is financially strong and successful for the long-term.


UniCredit Unlocked will enable us to deliver a RoTE of at least 10% by 2024, annual net revenue growth of 2% 2021-2024, and above €16 billion to shareholders over four years. And 2024 is just the beginning.

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Our geographies

UniCredit is composed of 13 individual banks, across 4 regions, each with their own unique strengths and incredible heritage.


UniCredit Unlocked will enable each of our banks to exceed their respective cost of equity on a standalone basis.

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