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Great music is accessible to everyone, which is what matters

Great music is accessible to everyone, which is what matters

Whether at home, at school, in a theatre or in a town square, what matters is that everyone has access to music. Only then is music truly great. UniCredit and Filarmonica della Scala (La Scala Orchestra) are continuing their partnership with the aim of promoting opportunities for people to experience classical music both in and out of concert halls.


UniCredit presents the international tour of Filarmonica della Scala 2019


Nine concerts in eight European cities


In 2019, Filarmonica della Scala will perform nine international concerts from January to June on a tour led by Riccardo Chailly.

In recent years, Filarmonica della Scala has greatly increased its international appearances to celebrate the orchestra's rich history with performances at renowned concert halls around the world. In 2018, Filarmonica della Scala performed 17 concerts in nine countries attracting a total audience of approximately 30 000 people for the whole tour.


UniCredit has been supporting Filarmonica della Scala as a partner since 2000 and in 2003 became its main partner.

"The annual international tours of Filarmonica have played an important role in building worldwide recognition for the orchestra in an effort to make exceptional classical music available to a broader and more diverse audience. UniCredit strongly believes that supporting culture and talent has a positive impact on the communities in which we operate and the aim of our partnership with Filarmonica is to provide remarkable experiences to our communities as a way to foster social cohesiveness and promote a sense of belonging".


Fabrizio Saccomanni, Chairman of UniCredit and President of Filarmonica della Scala


The programme


The orchestra will start its tour on the 23rd of January with two concerts in Madrid followed by a performance in Paris on the 25th of January with violinist Maxim Vengerov. The orchestra will then perform in Dortmund (26th of January), Amsterdam (28th of January), Luxembourg (29th of January with violinist Maxim Vengerov), Modena (7th of March), Lucerne (11th of April) and finish the tour with a performance in Baden-Baden on the 8th of June with violinist Emmanuel Tjeknavorian. The entire tour will be conducted by Riccardo Chailly.


The history of Filarmonica della Scala




Filarmonica, moving classical music: great Maestros for great Soloists


This season's programme has Filarmonica della Scala on centre stage as it continues researching the symphonic qualities of the great Russian composers, a study initiated by Principal Conductor Riccardo Chailly. Performances include pieces from the symphonic repertoire that is among those audiences love most.


The concert that thrilled all of Milan


The most anticipated free-of-charge symphonic event in early summer took place on 10 June 2018, in Milan's Piazza Duomo.
Maestro Chailly conducted the Filarmonica della Scala with a particularly attractive programme. Russian pianist Denis Matsuev also taook to the stage performing one of Tchaikovsky's most cherished and well-known pieces, his Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor, Op.23




""The Filarmonica believes in being open to the younger generation as well, not just experts. The concert in Piazza Duomo brings together over 50,000 people.""



Riccardo Chailly

Principal Conductor of Filarmonica della ScalaDìrettore Principale della Filarmonica della Scala


Concert for Milan: a stage full of emotions



" When performing in the square, you have the responsibility of a rock star. You receive a different welcome. An artist's goal is to reach people, to touch them. In Piazza Duomo you do just that"



Daniele Morandini

First Trombone, Filarmonica della Scala



Filarmonica della Scala: "One of the 10 most important orchestras in the world"



Darkness in the theatre, silence. Conductor Riccardo Chailly signals the upbeat with his baton and the orchestra begins to play. This is the thrill of listening to the Filarmonica della Scala. It is an experience meant not only for those who are passionate about classical music, but also for those who approach this art form and culture out of curiosity.


The Orchestra was founded in 1982 by Maestro Claudio Abbado to develop the symphonic repertoire of the Milan theatre, which has always focused a great deal on opera. Thus, he confidently opened with pieces from the 20th century, exalting the soloist nature of the leading parts. It was an immediate international success.


One of the objectives of the Filarmonica is to "serve the public". In addition to scholarships (30 have been awarded to young musicians to date), the Open Filarmonica programme promotes initiatives within the city of Milan. These include rehearsals open to the public with proceeds going to charity and the "Sound, Music!" didactic project for elementary school students.


There is also the unforgettable annual Concert for Milan in Piazza Duomo, a free event that has been a regular appointment on the early-summer calendar of the capital city of Lombardy since 2013. The ongoing commitment to introduce classical music to an increasingly broad audience is upheld without the use of public funds.


The activities of Filarmonica della Scala are sponsored by UniCredit, the Orchestra's Main Partner.







Silence in the hall: Maestro Chailly speaks




"Given the opportunity to listen to classical music is the spark that initiates a journey one will never be able to do without for the rest of one's life"


Riccardo Chai lly

Principal Conductor, Filarmonica della Scala 




Music that is classic, yet always modern: what's important is to love it





"Our life needs a musical score"


Luisa Prandina

First Harp, Filarmonica della Scala




"Sound, Music!" 2019

On 5 and 6 April 2019, the Filarmonica della Scala performs for young people, teachers and families


Filarmonica della Scala is back to sparking the curiosity of little ones. This time it will draw them in with notes from Felix Mendelssohn's masterpiece A Midsummer Night's Dream, which is headlining the 2019 edition of Sound, Music! The Filarmonica's complimentary educational project is organised in collaboration with Main Partner UniCredit conceived by the director Francesco Micheli.



The children of Milan's elementary schools and their teachers will enjoy propaedeutic classroom activities and performances held just for them at the Conservatorio di Milano. The goal is to stimulate the children to listen to the music consciously.


The events are scheduled for Friday, 5 April (reserved for schools) and Saturday, 6 April at 5.30 pm (open to the public) at the Verdi concert hall inside the conservatory. The musicians of Piccola Filarmonica della Scala and the Chamber Orchestra of the Conservatorio di Milano conducted by Alessandro Ferrari will be joined by the Conservatorio choir directed by Maria Grazia Lascala to bring to life the four protagonists: Lysander, Hermia, Demetrius and Helena. More than a thousand children are involved in the project again this year.


After participating in talks and lessons at school, they will be prepared for the first-hand experience at the one-of-a-kind performance in the concert hall.



"Sound, Music!" 2018

Take a journey on a discovery of music aboard the spaceship piloted by Filarmonica della Scala.

"Sound, Music!", now in its 8th edition, is the product of UniCredit and Filarmonica della Scala's desire to create a unique opportunity for the children of Milan's elementary schools, where they hear and experience classical music as though it were an exciting game. The purpose is to develop a magical connection to music that will last forever.


The magic of music is a return to childhood



"Classical music is important for growth because it makes us happy. Children grow with us, and we return to being children"


Alessandro Ferrari

Violinist and Orchestra Director, Filarmonica della Scala



Music is a collection of meaningful feelings and emotions




"Sound, Music! helped me understand that music isn't just about listening to a melody, it's also feelings and emotion"



10 years old


What is important to us is to create the right conditions for this extraordinary art form to reach everyone, conveying knowledge, interests, and a great deal of passion. This is the engine that keeps the bond between UniCredit and Filarmonica della Scala alive. These two entities proactively promote great music because what matters is that everyone has access to it.