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Digital communities are becoming increasingly important in consumers' lives and identities and have never been richer, more vibrant and more impactful on people's daily experiences than they are now. In line with our ambition of being the bank of Europe's future, we strongly value interacting and engaging with virtual communities as well as empowering them to progress within the digital environments in which they interact. That's why our goal is to build social media relationships that evolve, grow and resist the test of time.


Our presence

  • 12 LinkedIn accounts
  • 7 X accounts
  • 6 YouTube accounts
  • 1 Instagram profile
  • 1 Facebook profile



Each marketplace communicates to its audience with the aim of highlighting its own distinctive features while leveraging the strength and the communicative power of a large Group. Our social media accounts provide an update on how we are working to create the bank for Europe's future - a bank that reaches out to all stakeholders and can unlock the potential of people, businesses, and communities.


Considering what has happened in recent years, social media and virtual communities are asked to become facilitators of gender, physical/mental and financial inclusion. 

UniCredit believes in the value of social media to promote such inclusion through a genuine interaction based on facts, figures and concrete actions.



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We are present with our Company pages to talk to job seekers, colleagues and business insiders.


For UniCredit, LinkedIn represents an important and essential pool from which to attract young talents and industry professionals. Each week, we feature our company life, strategy and financial results, as well as the Group's ESG, digital & data and business challenges and awards.


UniCredit was the Italian winner of the 'Best Employer Brand - above 10,000 employees on LinkedIn' at the 2021 LinkedIn Talent Solutions Awards for its ability to engage the best talent in the market. In addition, also in 2021, LinkedIn ranked UniCredit Italy and UniCredit Germany at the top of the LinkedIn Top Companies 2021 ranking.

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is "what's happening and what people are talking about right now". In this great flow of ideas and information UniCredit tells its story to all its stakeholders in an open and dynamic dialogue.


We are also committed to communicating to our customers the advantages and benefits of our products and services, the events in which we play a leading role as a promoter or partner, ESG projects and financing, and all the initiatives that the Group has been carrying out for years to support the world of enterprise and start-ups.

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The values and identity of our bank, in a storytelling through images, short videos and unmissable tips. UniCredit's presence on Instagram, with a profile able to speak to all our followers in Europe, leverages on the creative and engaging tools that this social network makes available, for a vivid and rich dialogue, to live a daily and valuable relationship with our bank with increasing financial confidence.

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Our banks aim to be available everywhere for customers who wish to turn to us for information and support quickly and accurately. To this end, we are present with a Facebook page that reaches out to all our followers in the countries where the Group is present, offering useful and engaging content to fully discover the potential of an ever-evolving banking activity.


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YouTube is both the second most popular social media platform in the world and the second most popular search engine globally.


UniCredit believes that this platform is an excellent tool for delivering valuable video content. Not only can customers and non-customers find video tutorials on products and services offered by our banks, but UniCredit provides a wide range of educational videos on topics such as financial literacy, opportunities for start-ups, social impact initiatives and support for digitalisation.