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  5. UniCredit Launches New Pre-Approved Loans for Small Businesses in Central and Eastern Europe
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UniCredit Launches New Pre-Approved Loans for Small Businesses in Central and Eastern Europe


  • Personalized offer, less paperwork and faster processes for the benefit of small business owners
  • The pre-approved loans will empower current and new clients to grow their business by spending more time on what they that value most - their clients.



UniCredit launches new pre-approved loans to support small businesses1 in seven countries in Central and Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.


With the introduction of this faster and simpler lending solution, clients of UniCredit  will have access to higher limits for sustaining or increasing their operations, with less documentation and no need for additional collateral. The amount and period of the pre-approved loans is tailored to meet the specific local needs in each country.


 "We understand the unique challenges that small business owners face today and we are committed to giving them the support they need to succeed. With the introduction of pre-approved loans, we are able to provide our customers with fast and simple lending solutions, so they can focus more time on their business and their clients." said Pierre Yves Guegan, Head of Retail for CE&EE at UniCredit.


This new lending solution is designed to address the common needs of small business owners and their concerns about managing finances. This is possible by reducing the paperwork for the pre-approved loans and speeding up the process of approval through enhanced automation.


"This new client-driven initiative demonstrates the power of UniCredit as an international group," comment the CEOs of Central Europe and of Eastern Europe of UniCredit Gianfranco Bisagni and Teodora Petkova. "By bringing together our resources and expertise across multiple countries, we are able to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the specific needs of small businesses in Central and Eastern Europe. This pre-approved loan program is a prime example of how we are able to create value for our customers by utilizing the strengths of our international network and a clear risk framework."


UniCredit is dedicated to supporting local communities and is committed to helping small businesses unlock their potential, grow and succeed.




Milan, February 2, 2023




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1Companies with turnover up to 1 million euro.