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AVSI opens #HelpUkraine hub in Milan with the support of UniCredit

The hub is based in Viale Monza 79, Milan.

The launch event was attended by Anna Scavuzzo, Deputy Mayor of Milan; Natalino Manno from the Prefect of Milan; Giuseppe Petronzi, Questore of Milan; Siobhan McDonagh, Head of Group People and Culture at UniCredit; Stanislav Plakhotnyi, Consul of Ukraine in Milan; Giampaolo Silvestri, Secretary General of AVSI and Patrizia Savi, President of AVSI


Today the #HelpUkraine hub was opened in Viale Monza 79, Milan, thanks to the joint efforts of a number of organisations managed by Fondazione AVSI, including Associazione Famiglie per l'Accoglienza, Associazione San Martino, Fondazione Franco Verga, Associazione I Bambini dell'Est, the Ukrainian NGO Emmaus, Medici in Famiglia Impresa Sociale, and the help of UniCredit. The project combines service innovation and community involvement in a space provided on free loan by UniCredit.


The hub was set up to respond to the needs of a growing number of Ukrainian refugees arriving to Milan, pooling resources to coordinate and centralise support services as well as connect the many Italians wishing to help with those in need. In addition to providing the space for the hub, all UniCredit Group employees in Italy have the chance for active involvement in this initiative through volunteering.


Andrea Orcel, CEO of UniCredit, said: "I am incredibly proud that we are able to offer our help to the refugees displaced by the war in Ukraine in a specific and concrete way that allows us to also further support the unity and wellbeing of our whole community in Italy. I truly believe that our role and responsibility as a bank go far beyond lending. In the face of the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Europe right now, it is critical for us to fulfil our social function responding to the urgent needs of our communities, always empowering their progress and importantly allowing our people to actively contribute to this effort."


"After intervening promptly on the borders of Ukraine, in Poland and Romania, and inside Ukraine itself - explains Giampaolo Silvestri, Secretary General of AVSI Foundation - we realised that we couldn't fail to address the huge demand for help in our country, and to match it to the great wave of solidarity shown by so many families. This led to the idea of networking, involving different actors, to coordinate and join forces to better respond to this new challenge."


The hub aims to both, facilitate the reception and integration of Ukrainian citizens arriving to Italy as refugees, and to support people in Italy who wish to help. More specifically, it will carry out the following activities:


-   provide urgent information, guidance and assistance to Ukrainian citizens and fleeing families who have entered Italy;

-   provide support in the process for obtaining a residence permit, for reporting unaccompanied minors, for registration with the SSN, vaccinations, entry into the school system, etc.;

-   gather and promote a network of families who wish to offer their hospitality to Ukrainian citizens, welcoming them into their homes and / or providing flats and houses they own for this purpose;

-    share relevant information to raise awareness and provide support in the process of connecting available accommodation in families and / or vacant flats / houses with refugees in need;

-   provide dedicated support services to Ukrainian refugees and host families, including vouchers and psychosocial support services;

-   provide support to Ukrainian children and adolescents for integration and participation at school as well as in recreational, play and sports activities;

-   offer Italian language training, addressed to both minors and adults, to acquire basic Italian language skills that can facilitate the process of integration and access to schools and work;

-   promote information that can support job seeking and orientation;

-   offer support in obtaining medical assistance such as paediatric examinations, specialist examinations and tests for children and adults, antigenic and molecular swabs.


The hub's operational secretariat has also set up a working group with weekly meetings with Banco Building, Banco Farmaceutico, Banco Alimentare, Cdo Opere Sociali, Cdo Opere Educative, Banco Informatico Biteb, in order to share mutual updates on the Ukraine emergency and constantly liaise with the competent local and national institutions (Municipality, Prefecture, Police Headquarters, Juvenile Court, Region, etc.), and with other Third Sector entities actively involved in the local response in Italy.



Contact info point Help Ukraine


-  Contact details:

+39.02.674988368 in Ukrainian and English

+39.02.674988369 in Italian

- Hours of operation

Monday to Friday - 10.00 to 13.00 - 14.00 to 17.00

- Operative Headquarters: Viale Monza 79, 20131, Milan


Milan, 16 May 2022




UniCredit Media Relations