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Covid-19: UniCredit donates 500,000 euros to the Veneto region

Further 800,000 euros to be donated to various charitable organisations working on the front lines of the emergency

across seven major regions in the country



UniCredit continues to expand its commitment to support Italy in the fight against COVID-19. The bank has decided to make a donation of 500,000 euros to the Veneto region to help manage the current emergency. The donation will be an advance payment of the funds to be raised through the UniCredit Flexia Classic Etica card* throughout 2020.


UniCredit Co-CEO for Italy Remo Taricani said: "Our group is working hard every day and in all possible ways to help our communities, territories and economy get through this very difficult time. Given the urgency of the situation, we have decided to make a donation to the Veneto region in the sum of 500,000 euros as an advance payment from the funds to be raised through Carta E over the course of 2020. Furthermore, in the case that thanks to the generosity of our customers, we are able to exceed this amount in the next few months, we will also look to further add to this donation. We sincerely hope this contribution is helpful to the territory currently on the front lines of the national emergency."


UniCredit has around 300 branches and approximately 4,300 employees in the Veneto region. It has also acted as the region's treasury for more than 10 years. Thanks to the funds raised through UniCredit Flexia Classic Etica card, the bank has already made donations to the Italian Red Cross in Padua, Treviso, Verona and Venice and to Croce Bianca in Verona, donating close to 80,000 euros for the purchase of masks and other medical equipment to help in the fight against the coronavirus.

Furthermore, the funds collected through Carta E in 2019, totalling 800,000 euros, are all being donated to non-profit organisations working to manage the current emergency in the seven major regions in Italy where UniCredit operates.



*UniCredit Flexia Classic Etica card (Carta E) is a credit card that lets customers contribute to charitable projects every time they use it, at no added cost. Through a special mechanism, for every 1,000 euros spent, the bank contributes 2 euros to its Carta Etica fund. Since 2005, UniCredit customers who use Carta Etica have helped support projects benefiting society all around Italy (more than 750 local initiatives in total) in the total amount of around 19 million euros. The funds raised through the UniCredit Flexia Carta Etica card are able to address some of the most urgent problems in the Italian society as part of the strong commitment of UniCredit Group to caring for the most vulnerable people in our communities.



Milan, 28 April 2020




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