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UniCredit Foundation publishes its Annual Report 2015

4,4 million euros to develop social projects for the communities

180 social enterprises supported, almost 300 jobs generated



UniCredit Foundation publishes its annual report for the year 2015, in which numbers and data reveal its commitment to supporting the communities. In 2015,  the Foundation implemented and supported 36 projects, for a total of 4.4 million euros of investment, of which 3 million euros was given to support the growth of active social enterprises in 14 countries in all areas of intervention: from handicrafts to agriculture, from ecology to services supply. In 2015, a total of 180 social enterprises benefited, passing through incubators monitored by UniCredit Foundation and its partners, often also supported by managers from UniCredit who created important initiatives for training and resulting in the creation of about 300 jobs.


Presenting numbers and results from the work of the past year, UniCredit Foundation - whose entire Board was re-elected in April 2015 - also confirms the guidelines by which the Foundation will operate until 2018:


"In the next three years - said Maurizio Carrara, President of UniCredit Foundation - we intend to set as a priority the problems related to two groups of people, the young and the elderly, who today experience the greatest risks of social exclusion".

In recent years the Foundation has committed itself to the promotion of social inclusion, also through the study of new welfare models to make projects proposed by the Third Sector effective and competitive. "An important tool - said Maurizio Carrara - is definitely social entrepreneurship, which is increasingly attracting attention - also internationally. Finally, in the next three years, the Foundation will uphold the channels that allow colleagues from UniCredit to express their closeness to the social needs of the community, whether it means giving donations or joining activities in person. "


Since the very beginning, UniCredit Foundation has placed great importance on spreading the culture of helping among employees through dedicated initiatives, such as the Gift Matching Program, through which the Foundation supports philanthropic initiatives proposed by employees and through which 500 projects were supported in 2015.


UniCredit Foundation Annual Report is available at:



Milan, 18 April 2016



UniCredit Foundation is a corporate foundation established in 2003 in order to contribute to the development of solidarity and philanthropy in the communities and territories in which it operates, primarily in regions where UniCredit is present (17 countries , including Europe and central Asia). Through the transfer of economic resources and the typical enterprise management skills, UniCredit Foundation supports significant projects for social impact and innovation, made ​​by local and national non- profit organizations.



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