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UniCredit CEE Private Banking and Morningstar to work together on financial education for investors

  • Agreement entitles UniCredit advisors to use Morningstar research and market analysis in their client presentations and educational materials
  • Deal benefits UniCredit clients in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Slovenia


UniCredit CEE Private Banking has entered into an agreement with the investment research firm Morningstar to help support the financial education provided to the bank's clients.


The agreement entitles UniCredit Private Banking advisors in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Slovenia to access to and to use Morningstar research and market analysis in their presentations and educational materials to help UniCredit clients better assess and monitor their investments' risks and opportunities.


UniCredit's decision to obtain access to Morningstar research was based on surveys demonstrating the extent to which time-strapped private investors make investment decisions in areas such as stocks, bonds, real estate and mutual funds that are based on superficial considerations.


Manuela D'Onofrio, Head of UniCredit Global Investment Strategy said the agreement with Morningstar would facilitate better client investment decisions. "The main lesson I learned in the field is that investment decisions based on emotions - whether greed or fear - very often translate into losses," said D'Onofrio. "Only constant research and analysis of markets and their ever-changing dynamics can create a sound portfolio - one that's capable of delivering return on risk that is compatible with the investor needs."


UniCredit CEE Private Banking will supplement its provision of investment advice to its clients with use of the Morningstar investment research materials. The independent stance of Morningstar´s investment research fits well with the Investment Principles of UniCredit Private Banking, which establish a common understanding between customers and advisors, and enable them to work together in trust and confidence.


UniCredit believes that the right information and the right advice at the right time are what consistently help clients build wealth. What clients appreciate most is the value of their advisor's insight as they look for expertise in identifying new opportunities and mitigating risk.


"Everybody at UniCredit Private Banking has one common goal, and that's to offer customers stability and security for their financial assets - protecting and increasing those assets in the long-term," said Jan Tronicek, Head of UniCredit Private Banking in Central and Eastern Europe.


Morningstar's "investors first" approach to business has earned the firm a strong reputation for independence and objectivity.  Morningstar is also known for innovation within the investment industry, particularly by bringing relevant information to a broad audience. All of the Morningstar investment research and market analysis materials included in the agreement are reviewed by the United States Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.



Milan, 30 October 2013