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UniCredit Tower: The New Group Headquarters

The 3 buildings which make up UniCredit Tower will accommodate 4.000 colleagues

The "City Plans" project continues in Milan which will create savings of €150 million a year



UniCredit Tower was presented today to the press, the 3 building complex in the new "Porta Nuova" area of Milan - which includes the tallest tower in Italy with a height of 230 meters - destined to be the new UniCredit Group Headquarters


The complex, designed by argentine architect Cesar Pelli, will accommodate, starting from next year, 4.000 colleagues, thus reducing the number of office locations in Milan from 26 to 5 (-55,000 meters) and an annual saving of real estate costs of approximately €25 million.


UniCredit Tower is part of the broader "City Plans" project, which carries out the reorganization of the main European locations of the Group (Milan, Rome, Munich, Vienna, Warsaw, Hamburg, Bucharest, Prague, Moscow, Zagreb, Bologna, Turin and Verona), following three main principles:

  • consolidation of number of locations
  • decentralization
  • new standards in space allocation  


The 25 "City Plans" sites involve 25.000 colleagues and expects to vacate 650.000 meters  - the equivalent of 120 football pitches - at Group level, by 2015.


In Italy the project forecasts a reduction in the number of executive offices - including also the historical site of Piazza Cordusio - from 90 to 25 with an overall decrease of 350.000 square meters of used office space.


"Today we present the new Group Headquarters", announced Federico Ghizzoni, Chief Executive Officer of UniCredit. "A facility which will accommodate thousands of colleagues, designed and built with a new concept of working in mind.

Today we have 10.000 buildings, counting offices and branches, equal to 6,6 million square meters of space: a truly important asset which was the object of a huge rationalization project, started in 2009, which, when fully operational by 2015, will reap benefits in terms of savings of €150 million a year.

We are also proud to be able to share with the city of Milan such a project of excellence in terms of area redevelopment and eco-sustainability" added Federico Ghizzoni "UniCredit Tower has received the Leed Gold certification, and is in line with our plan to reduce Carbon Emissions by 30% within 2020".


"UniCredit Tower" looks to the future also with its' concept of space and working environment, consistent with more innovative models of workplaces.

The Group launched the "Take your Space" project which embraces a new way to design working areas, by interpreting current requirements and working habits.

Within this new mindset, great importance is placed on the creation of common areas (meeting rooms, informal communal areas, auditorium) which make up approximately 30% of the total space,  complemented by open and transparent working areas - with an almost total elimination of single occupancy offices - resulting in a reduction in the space allocation from 17 to 11 square meters per colleague.



"UniCredit Tower represents a new idea of what an office is" said Paolo Fiorentino, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy General Manager of UniCredit  - "a complex in the center of Milan, perfectly integrated within the City.  Our new Headquarters was designed to share experiences and information, make collaboration and networking easier, and to eliminate inefficiency arising from transfers from one location to another.  The ambience and internal spaces were created to satisfy the needs of individuals, who are also a distinct and fundamental part of a team, from which stems the great importance of having dedicated communal areas.

Our attention focuses also on the urban spaces surrounding UniCredit Tower, by creating an open multi-purpose area near the park allocated for organizing events, initiatives and, moreover, available to the City of Milan".


The UniCredit Towers project will be completed by 2015, with the construction of the multi-purpose center which will host activities, event and projects organized for the City, either by the Group or external entities. A company nursery will also be located onsite.




Milan, 14 December 2012