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UniCredit and ajoint. honoured with European Best Event Award

UniCredit and ajoint. communication have been awarded with the European Best Event Award in Gold, in the category "Best Road-Show Event" for the UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour 2010 presented by UniCredit.



It is the first award ever for the UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour presented by UniCredit. The ceremony took place in Milan on November 23rd 2011. The 1st prize was committed to the Strategic Sponsorship Team on behalf of UniCredit and ajoint. communication, its lead agency for the sponsorship engagement.


This is the third year UniCredit has been involved with the Trophy Tour and Paolo Fiorentino, COO Global Banking Services Strategic Business Area says: "The UEFA Champions League sponsorship by UniCredit is our central and most important European communication and marketing platform. We are delighted to be awarded with this prize which reflects our ability to transform into real business opportunities sponsorship and brand awareness." This event has been so successful that Fiorentino has confirmed UniCredit will be associated with the event until 2015.


The Trophy Tour 2010 travelled through five European countries and inspired thousands of fans at various locations in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. A three-day event took place in Munich, Prague, Warsaw, Bratislava and Vienna granting fans access to a free-of-charge exhibition with some of the greatest UEFA Champions League memorabilia. The highlight of each tour stop was, however, the possibility to take a personal photo with the trophy itself. All Trophy Tour events were accompanied by Luís Figo, the Official UniCredit Ambassador for the UEFA Champions League, who supported the event with his presence at press conferences and at signature sessions. The tour also stopped in numerous smaller cities to give fans the chance to see the trophy for real. For this, a huge show truck drove the trophy through the countryside in a transparent glass safe making it visible at all times.
Overall, 135,000 fans and guests witnessed this remarkable experience and more than 25,000 personal pictures were taken with the sought-after European Club trophy: a once-in-a-lifetime-experience for thousands of football fans across Europe!


During the past three years, the UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour has been travelling through 13 different countries in Europe, covering over 8,000 kilometres to reach the many football-enthusiasts. Overall, more than 320,000 fans visited the Trophy Tour event, an astounding number exceeding all expectations.


In July 2009 UniCredit became an official partner of the UEFA Champions League for three seasons. After the groundbreaking 2009-2012 sponsorship agreement, UniCredit extended the contract for the cycle 2012 - 2015. The agency ajoint. communication was mandated as leading agency to attend UniCredit.
The UEFA Champions League sponsorship has proved a powerful driver towards greater brand awareness. The extension of the sponsorship will allow UniCredit to build on the results achieved so far in supporting the master brand strategy, fostering the European image of the bank, and strengthening local brands and business via this prestigious platform.


Therefore, in 2012 the UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour continues to new destinations, giving thousands of more fans the chance to see the trophy for real.

The European Best Event Award was initially awarded in 2006. It is the first international award dedicated to events throughout Europe. For this year's award, around 100 different events were submitted. Among these, nine events in the category "Best Road-Show Event", including brands like Coca Cola, Barilla, SNCF - Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer, Peroni, Havana Club, IBM and History Channel.



Milan, 25 November 2011




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