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UniCredit, leader amongst European finance companies for online communication

In the H&H Webranking classification, which evaluates the corporate sites of the 500 largest European listed companies, the Group website is considered the best in its sector for the fourth consecutive year and sixth overall in the top ten.
Quality and completeness of information as well as the level of interactivity were awarded.

Completeness, quality, updating and authoritativeness of the information, interactivity, attractive and "user centric" design, reliability and good system performance are amongst the features that allowed the UniCredit Group corporate site ( to assert itself for the fourth consecutive year as the best amongst European finance companies.
In the overall ranking the Group's corporate website came in sixth place in the H&H Webranking Europe 500, ( which rates the quality of financial and corporate reporting online of the 500 most important European capitalisation companies.


The UniCredit corporate site was awarded, in particular, for the completeness and quality of the information provided and the level of interactivity. Also recognised was the attention paid to subjects such as Corporate Governance, Employer Branding, Investor Relations and Corporate Sustainability.


To build the evaluation protocol, Hallvarsson&Halvarsson (H&H), a Swedish company leader in financial communication, relies on surveys, with the aim of obtaining accurate information on how to use the corporate websites of the companies involved. 127 evaluation criteria were established according to the results of the survey.


From the surveys, in particular the one submitted to 363 professionals such as analysts, investors and financial journalists, it clearly emerges that users expect information that is updated in real time, easily accessible, complete and reliable.


UniCredit, positioning itself within the top ten with its website and first amongst European finance companies (80.25 percent on a scale of 100) qualifies as the best one, amongst companies within its sector, to satisfy the expectations and needs of investors, analysts and journalists in terms of transparency, clarity and completeness of the information, site usability, speed of updating documents, authoritativeness and reliability of information.


Those aspects are worth 50% of the final judgement. In addition, the equally good performance of the website is also worth mention in the scope of corporate social responsibility (which "weighs" more than 4% on the final judgement); nonetheless the most striking features the site was awarded for were its technical structure, design and technology (12.75% of the judgement), its interactive functions (10.75%), the look&feel and usability of its homepage and first page of Investor Relations (5.25%).


Milan, 18 February 2011



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